• Regarding The choir in general
  • Musica is a safe space for me to use my voice and immerse in my joy of singing, while connecting with other women.
    - Cheryl (member since 2019)

    Musica gives me the joy of singing with the confidence of friends around me.
    - Liz (member since 2018)

    MUSICA is not just community singing it has become family and friends. It's where I have fun, indulge in my passion (music) where I learn, grow, am inspired , feel connected, laugh, and have fun. It's where I can #EmbraceTheMisfit and be myself!
    - Maria (members since 2017)

    Musica is my happy place! Every week, I look forward to being with these ladies, and losing myself in the music!
    - Jen (member since 2019)

    Thursday is my favourite day of the week because Thursday is when I sing with my Musica sisters!
    - Lynieve (members since 2018)


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